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Trident Analytical Solutions

Trident Analytical Solutions

Trident Analytical Solutions is an 8 year old company. We have two offices in India, one in Kanpur and one in Noida. Main areas of expertise of TAS are Technology and Analytics. We have offered our services to more than 500 national and international clients in last 8 years. Our list of clients includes individuals as well as organizations. We have huge collective experience in programming on different languages and platforms like Python, C#, Php, Node. Android, React etc. Along with regular web and mobile projects, we also work extensively on Bots, Crypto and AI projects.

How We Work

How We Work

We at TAS, take customer satisfaction as the only metric of performance when it comes to the our client's project. If you need an IT team for a project that is too complex for the rest of the world, we are the guys you should approach. We like our clients to make business choices based on best possible information. We believe in unraveling problems together with our clients. An elaborated documentation and dedicated point of contact makes sure you are well aware.

Going An Extra Mile!

We don't compromise with client satisfaction. No matter what!

We will do everything possible to leave you satisfied in the end. The team at TAS has clear instructions to take only those projects which can be delivered with highest level of satisfaction. Once we take up the project and start working on it, you can sit back and relax without any worry. If we have taken it, then we will deliver it on time. And we will exceed your expectations. No exceptions here!

Going An Extra Mile!

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Commitment To Excellence

We engineer high performance solutions using forefront technologies backed by our team of seasoned experts. We adopt your vision and craft robust solution by leveraging slick design interfaces and breakthrough engineering.

Driven By Innovation

Innovation is the fuel TAS team runs on. It is our main tool to beat back technological downturn and counter challenges.