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Out of the many programming tools available to developers to build applications for different platforms, Flutter is one tool that has seemed to distinguish itself lately. It is a free and open-source UI framework created by Google. Released in May 2017, this UI toolkit lets you build native applications from a single codebase. Simply put, on Flutter, you can create two different apps- for iOS and Android, with one programming language and one codebase. Flutter consists of an SDK and a widget Framework. The SDK, Software Development Kit, is a collection of tools to compile your code into native machine code. The Framework is a UI widget library which is a collection of reusable UI elements such as sliders, buttons that you can personalize. 


Future Of App Development

The Flutter widget framework is very important as it is the basic building block of the app’s user interface. Unlike other frameworks that usually separate views, layout, and other properties, the widget is a consistent, immutable part of its framework.
Apart from its modern react-style framework, it also includes a 2D rendering engine, and other development tools. With these components, you can go beyond design and building, to test and debug apps. To build with Flutter, you will have to use Dart, a front-end programming language created by Google. According to Google, “Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.”

Why Flutter For App Development

Of course, there are many programming tools out there but Flutter comes with peculiar attributes. The goal is to enable developers to deliver high-performance apps that feel natural on different platforms. We embrace differences in scrolling behaviors, typography, icons, and more. Flutter’s widget framework incorporates platform differences such as fonts, navigation, icons and scrolling. 


If there is one thing that makes Flutter stand out, it is Blazing Speed. Literally, you can set up native interfaces in minutes with a robust set of fully customizable widgets.

Flexible UI

You can quickly ship features for native end-user experiences, architecture for customization and flexible designs.

Native Performance

Using Dart’s native compiler, your code is compiled to native ARM machine code which renders full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Amidst these benefits listed, Flutter helps you be more productive with your time with requisite tools in its library and multi-platform development from a single codebase. You can experiment with changing code, performing hot reloads, easy iterations and prototyping. Flutter gives you access to Cupertino (iOS-flavor) and a set of rich Material Design widgets for beautiful, customized front-end user experiences. For crashes, you can continue debugging and always pick up from where the app left off,

What TAS For Flutter For App Development

There are a variety of developers out there you can choose from to deploy web or mobile applications for your business. For us at TAS, we do not just offer another web development service, we employ a 360 approach. We factor in a seamless experience for your intended users and design synchronization with your brand.  Here are the steps involved when you engage us:

  • Needs Assessment

Before we launch into building, we sit with you to understand your brand, your product or services, your customers, your uniqueness, examine areas you are lacking to get an informed perspective. We have skilled business officers on our team who facilitate the gathering of accurate information about your business processes.

  • Design Process

After the needs assessment, we go ahead to make designs of the intended application which would be shared with your team for feedback and to ensure fit. Our designers work on creating layouts, maps, and wireframes, bearing in mind your brand identity.

  • Development

Once the final design has been approved, we begin the actual development process. Our team of in-house developers start the coding process of your project using the best tools and industry standards. We do not tweak existing applications but build from the very scratch. It is a very tasking process but we are driven by excellence.

  • Deploy

When we are done building the final application, we carry out quality assurance and testing, to ensure it is well integrated with your business processes. If there is any issue, we make sure it is resolved before we launch it for use by your customers.

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Despite the fact that we handle everything from start to finish, we are affordable, fast and offer extra services such as training your team on how to handle the deployed applications as well as provide ongoing support.

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