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Trident Analytical Solutions

Trident Analytical Solutions

Trident analytical solutions is one of the fastest growing digital agencies in India. We are located in Kanpur and Noida India. We have been a forefront company in the provision of technology and analytics based services. TAS has been able to work with over 500 both national and international clients in the last 8 years of service delivery. Our focus as a computer programming company has been to start a journey that transcends digital screens with organisations and companies that require our services. We are an industry- leading software agency that is more passionate in making our clients scale new heights in this modern digital world.

How We Work

How We Work

Trident Analytical solutions takes pride in building a new product for our clients or serving our clientele with a new solution. Our passion and commitment enables TAS to offer the best interactive web and mobile app development services in an efficient way. What makes it even unique is the fact that we offer this in a wide range of languages from Python to React.

TAS works extensively on bots, crypto and AI projects. Customer satisfaction is our core aim and we will stop at nothing until you are satisfied. This is done with complete professionalism and all you have to do is sit back and relax as you wait for your masterpiece. There are no exceptions here!


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Commitment To Excellence

We are committed to excellence. Our team of seasoned engineers ensure high performance solutions can be attained using modern technologies. We embrace your vision and specialty coupled with strong arrangement that utilizes smooth plan interfaces and leap forward designing.

We will do everything possible to leave you satisfied in the end. The team at TAS has clear instructions to take only those projects which can be delivered with highest level of satisfaction. Once we take up the project and start working on it, you can sit back and relax without any worry. If we have taken it, then we will deliver it on time. And we will exceed your expectations. No exceptions here!

Driven By Innovation

From needs to a unique solution: With our efficiency and ability to use the technology we plan the growth of every client in their market through our product and service developments. TAS has a varied talent pool with capabilities ranging from Website Development to Bot Development.

Fostering creativity and innovation in the workplace and being mission driven is a strong part of our work culture. Our vision is clear, we don't just deliver Product or Services but we deliver ‘meaning’ – “where users’ needs are not only satisfied by form and function, but also through experience.” With TAS, you are sure to scale heights and get the best results for you, your company, brand or organization. Let us get started.