Under Attack of Bots? Protect Your Website Today!

We have over 5 years of experience in Bots and Anti-bot systems. We are aware of both sides of the game and have a solid understanding of the loopholes which are exploited by these bots to steal data from the websites.

What we have is a state-of-the-art system that fixes over 99% of these loopholes and provides comprehensive security against bots. Some of the key features of this security system are as follows…

  • Dynamic Script – Even if your Bot Security is blocking a request, chances are a person can identify the factors and can modify the request and then can Bypass the security.  But our script is completely Dynamic. A dynamic script that changes on every request so it becomes virtually impossible for the bots to make a stable solution providing a more efficient Security against Bots.
  • Fully Obfuscated Javascript code – We use a very high grade of Obfuscation that Obfuscates/Jumbles up the Java source code, making it non-comprehensible and preventing it from being stolen and used without permission. Obfuscation helps your business with:
    • Code size will be reduced
    • Hide the business logic and your code from others
    • Reverse engineering is highly difficult
  • Comprehensive Browser Fingerprinting –  Research found that only 1 in 286,777 other browsers will share the same fingerprint as another user. We use comprehensive Browser Fingerprinting to track online activity using IP, User Agent, WebGL, and other browser variables to identify unique users and block Bots.
  • Global Database of IPs  –  We use advance learning to create and maintain a global database of Bad IPs and proxies. So every time the server receives a request from Bad IPs, it automatically gets blocked.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) –  AI driven solution is a self-learning algorithm to identify bot patterns and block them on the go. Based on the previous request, the algorithm learns and decides what action Bot will perform. Our AI experts are well-versed in a variety of latest AI related technologies that are critical in taking the machine intelligence to the next level.
  • 5 Captcha Solution – Generally 2 Captch services are used to secure the website against Bots but we use 5 Captcha Services to ensure more security. We randomly use Captcha Service and ensure every new request gets a random Captcha Services. 2 Captcha security especially Geetest and ReCaptcha are now easily vulnerable with many solutions easily available on the internet. Our Captcha services are less exposed to the market, making it possibly more secure.
Dynamic Script
JavaScript Code Obfuscation
Bots Identification – Device Fingerprints Based 05 02 01 00
Predictive Analysis For Machine Learning
Flexible Response To Delay/ Slow Bots
Automated Browser Automation Tools Detection Puppeteer, Phantom JS, Selenium Phantom JS, Selenium
AI driven Understanding And Measurement Of Bots
Tamper proofing
Secure CDN
Click Fraud Analysis
Real-time Monitoring And Reporting
Rate Limiting With Predictive Analytics
Device-based Rate Limiting
Hard Block / Silent Deny
No professional services required
Developer portal for business integration
Easy To Maintain And Manage


Our Bot Protection System is under closed Beta. We are identifying and offering it to selected clients on an invite basis only. If you wish to protect your websites from bots then contact us here and we will help you in setting it up if your website qualifies for our closed beta program.