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Mobile Application Development Services

Are you interested in leveraging mobile technology for your business? If yes, TAS has the best mobile app developers at your service. We provide Android and iOS mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

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Mobile Application Development

What you can get with TAS

Leverage our vast expertise for an industry-specific solution or an enterprise suite for your business. With TAS, you can build an app faster with our mobile platform that has pre-made feature modules. Also, add technologies like Blockchain and Augmented Reality to elevate your business security, critical operations, and employee productivity.

Because TAS has expertise in both native and cross-platform technologies, we always try to find the right balance in price, quality, and project requirements. This helps us to offer the best solution for you.

Mobile Application Development

Android app development

Experience the benefits of high-end Android features as well as faster turnaround time.  TAS will help you with Android mobile application development from scratch. Out team uses Java and Kotlin to build apps for Google’s leading operating system

Mobile Application Development

iOS app development

More and more people own Apple iPhones. Therefore, it is a great idea to offer your unique solution to this increasing user base. TAS develops iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages as well as Apple’s own development tools and guidelines.

Mobile Application Development

React Native app development

TAS builds cross-platform apps that run on both Android and iOS from a single code base. Code written in React Native is an operating system–agnostic, yet the apps written in React feel like native apps written in Swift or Java. In fact, using React Native speeds up mobile app development for Android and iOS.

Mobile app markets TAS focuses on

TAS creates mobile applications of any complexity for B2C and B2B use cases. We cover a wide range of industries. Over the years, we have gathered specific knowledge and expertise in creating mobile applications for the following niches:

Marketplace Niche

TAS creates mobile marketplace solutions that provide customer support and a range of payment options, send real-time notifications, and enhance other engaging features.

Travel Niche

Travel applications that we have developed can be divided into two broad groups, which are those apps that help users plan trips and those apps that keep users organized while traveling.

Health & Fitness Niche

TAS integrates mobile apps with sensors and wearable devices. The projects we have done include patient management and telehealth solutions as well as personal trainer apps.

Social Niche

TAS builds messengers and social networking applications as well as implement social elements for any kind of app, from finance, shopping to healthcare.

Fintech Niche

TAS can help you develop mobile apps for financial services, including trading and investment platforms, payment apps, personal finance apps, and digital wallets.

Enterprise Mobility Niche

TAS offers custom mobile app development for organizations that want to provide their employees with mobile access to enterprise data and enhance employee productivity.

Shopping Niche

As a top mobile application development company, TAS offers its own in-house products to cover various ecommerce use cases.

Automotive Niche

TAS builds software for automotive use cases, including real-time GPS vehicle tracking, mobile parking solutions, driver behavior monitoring, and AR for advertising purposes.

Human Resources Niche

With TAS, you can create apps that allow organizations to function more effectively. TAS builds apps for micro-learning, video interviewing, paid time-off tracking, and so on

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