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In today’s digital era, technologies are evolving beyond imagination. So, your app needs to be upgraded regularly so that you can easily compete and expand your business while staying on top of your competition. To achieve this, you need a react native app development company. Don’t bother looking faraway, TAS is here for you.


TAS is a top react native Development Company that is committed to developing cross-platform hybrid mobile apps based on React Native, having high functionality and delicate UI for excellent user engagement. We can help you cater to native alike experience with the most advanced hardware and OS features.

React Native Development Services

Build an app with TAS. From our experience so far, business owners interested in bringing the most value in the least possible time usually prefer cross-platform apps. If you are one of them, then getting a React Native developer is worth your attention. We have the most excellent React Native development services that you would find highly impressive.


What TAS Can Do For You?

AT TAS, the apps we develop are high-performance and compatible with Android and iOS. TAS offers the following cross-platform mobile app development services to your delight:

Fast MVP for mobile startups

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a completely functional app that has just basic features. React Native is the perfect tool for projects of this nature, as creating an MVP with React Native is cheaper and easier than with other known technologies. TAS leads your idea through the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop and helps your application reach the market faster.

Custom Mobile Solutions

TAS leads our clients all the way, from the idea through its realization. At the end of the project, you will have a seamless cross-platform app that covers all your prospective users and all aspects of your business. TAS also provides ongoing support and enhancement of the app after it has been launched to ensure that your users continue to enjoy it.

Server Side APIs for mobile apps

Server-side APIs are a must-have for any mobile app that requires internet connectivity as they let the app interact easily with databases, web services, and diverse third-party APIs (like, for example, PayPal). TAS builds APIs that enable back-and-forth communication between the app and the server using the REST architecture.

Our React Native team has in-depth knowledge of :

  • Mobile Ecosystems

TAS boast of a professional React Native team with hands-on cross-platform and native app development experience and expertise. By cooperating with TAS, you get a professional, responsive, and exceptional team that cares about the success of your project.

  • Modern technologies

Our React development services are constantly up-to-date. Our React Native app development services enable you to stay on top of current trends so you can protect your business against any future technological changes.

  • Support and maintenance

Our professional team is always ready to help whenever your app has any issues, or if you want to equip it with new features or upgrade to a new React Native version. TAS always ensures that your mobile app is fully prepared for both the App Store and Google Play Store as well as that it is always up-to-date and delivers impeccable performance.

Our React Native App Development Process

Each of our work is custom and unique as TAS keeps the React Native app development process very personalized. Nevertheless, in most of cases, the React Native development services include the following process below:

Understanding and analyzing business requirements

Freezing scope and development technologies

App data flow architecture design with wireframes

Mobile & web app visuals and user experience design

Project management and code engineering


Integrating third party APIs for mobile & web

Automated, manual and user acceptance testing

Integrating best app monitoring and analytics tools

Publishing apps on Apple, Google, & Windows stores

analysis for improvisation & Product maintenance & Support

Why React Native is right for business

React Native is one of the best options for mobile app development, especially if you are looking to build apps for both iOS and Android simultaneously as well as need to save your time and budget. Kindly take a look at the advantages of React Native to understand why it is excellent for you.

Optimal Code Reuse

With React Native, it is possible to use the same code base for Android and iOS apps. This saves you a lot of time and expense during development.

Faster Development

It is about 30% faster to build a React Native app supporting both Android and iOS than to develop Android and iOS apps separately.

Strong community

The React Native platform has a robust community, so it is effortless to get help or recommendations, share expertise and experience, as well as sharpen professional skills.

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