These guys are the real deal. I hired Amit and his team to create a bot for scrapping a specific website. The biggest challenge was reCaptcha.

We had to go back and forth a few times to get it all right and it took slightly longer than estimated originally but in the end they got it working exactly how we wanted. Amit was very patient, despite several revision requests. I Was able to impress our partner client with the results which helped grow our business with them in other areas.

All in all, I am very happy. Too bad they are too busy to take on another project from us right now but look forward to continuing our business with this team and hopefully we will b next project with them soon.

He even made himself available for a call a day after his wedding. I felt really bad when I found out that he was offline because of his wedding for a day and I asked him for an urgent update. Bots and these kinds of projects often run into issues and require some revisions to get it all perfected and the biggest problem I have had with others in the past is communication and support. This guy goes beyond the norms in this department.

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