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Why You Should You Learn PHP Web Development in 2020?

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PHP is a server side coding language. It’s used by the vast majority website from everyday blogs to small businesses to fortune 500 companies.

PHP has been around since 1994 and released in 1995. PHP has evolved significantly over these years.

Of all the websites online, over 83% uses PHP for web development. Some of the biggest names online using PHP web development are Facebook, Drupal, WordPress, Wikipedia and many leading giant companies uses PHP. That’s why nearly every single web server has PHP installed. 

Why You Should You Learn PHP Web Development in 2020?

PHP for Web Development

Being a server side coding language PHP provides dynamic features and functionality that html on its own just can’t do. It improvise interactive features that is served by the server side…

In PHP, your code is processed on the server side. Which means that it is never actually delivered to the end user side. That means, the user cannot just right click and view the page source and view your page code… yes they can still view HTML, CSS and Javascript. Bt your PHP code on the browser. 

It is one of the most documented coding languages you will find. There are more online tutorial on PHP Web Development than any other server side coding language. 

Career in PHP Web Development

PHP is fast, secure and easy to learn and also free to use. You can download PHP on your website and start coding. With over 83% websites using PHP, options are unlimited in freelancing and in companies.

Other language that is in high Demand in Python. You can learn Python for more options.

TAS Expertise In PHP Web Development

TAS PHP developer experts use the latest technology to get you the best enterprise objective meeting solutions that are streamlined to ensure task completion and improved ROI. We are always ready to ensure that you get the best PHP services in this web programming language. We create operating systems such as:

  • Operating Systems-Linux and Windows
  • Middleware-DB2, Oracle, WebSphere’s
  • Databases-PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL
  • CMS-WordPress, Magento and Drupal
  • Frameworks-Cake Php and Code Igniter(CI)

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