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Bots and automation tools have always been our core strength. We have a dedicated team for Bot Development to take care of any automation requirements. We have developed Bots of all kinds including chatbots, web scrappers, autocheckout bots, automation bots, forms submitter and many more.

Looking For A Bot Development? Look Nowhere Else!

Types Of Bots We Specialize In

·        Web Scraping

TAS have expert web scrubbers dealing with automated web scrapping processes, in addition to executing computerized and manual QA by the different QA group set up to check whether the information is right or not. The best web scraping proxy providers protect your data and create a safe online environment where your personal information is not compromised.

·        Desktop Automation

We have a team of senior developers experienced in creating Desktop Bots to ensure that Bots are developed as end-users rather than programmed. Our experts are also able to develop OpBot that can run as an admin.

·        Mobile Automation

Our team has extensive experience working on Mobile Automation tools like Robotium,  Appium, Selendroid, Franke to help our clients in reducing the testing time cycle of a  mobile WAP site or application.

·        Data Analysis

TAS uses advanced technologies like Naïve Bayes, Scipy, Numpy, Pandas,   Matplotlib to ensure that client’s massive data sources are brought together in a big data delivery system.

·        Auto Checkout Tools

We have extensive experience in Auto Checkout and Purchase Bots for various websites like Shopify, Ticketmaster, Supreme, Nike, Adidas, Ssense, Eventim and many more.

·        Chatbots

Not just that, we also offer automated chatbots and chat services using machine learning and data-driven intelligence.

·        Form Submitters

If you have hundreds, even thousands of forms to be submitted or if you want to upload any data to a III party website using their forms, then contact us and we can build an automated system for you to accomplish it at a click of a button

·        Data Downloaders

If you are freelance automation developers who have to download a lot of data from a website in any format, then we are the guys to contact. We have plenty of options available for you to choose from in case of any web scraping or data downloading related jobs.

Automation Frameworks Used By Us

  1. Direct Http Request bots using Python, Node or C#
  2. Selenium/Chromium/Puppeteer
  3. Appium, Monkey Runner
  4. Android Reverse Engineering
  5. Ubot/UIPath and iMacros


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