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In this fast paced world everybody wants things fast and quick. Developing a website is not enough. Make your service handy with help of mobile application development. Do you want to get Android application developed for your website or service? We can help you out. TAS has an expert team of professionals for creating responsive and scalable mobile application making it one of the best mobile application development company.

Mobile App Development Services

Our Expertise

Whether one wants to get a new application built or get an old application modified, we have solution for every situation. We use React Native for development of seamless and high performing applications. The application written in React Native provides real mobile UI components, therefore giving the look and feel of a true mobile application. It combines JavaScript and XML markup, known as JSX.

Everyone wants an application that consist of all latest features and is compatible with their mobile. The user interface, graphics and loading time of the application plays a huge role in making it a hit or miss. We assure a hit in the market with our mobile application development skills. The current trend predicts that people are exposed to the use of mobile as compared to other technological gadgets. This makes it obvious that a company selling products and services should have an application for the same. Better and comfortable accessibility leads to higher customer base to be created. In time completion and successfully running application is what we aim at every time we take up a project. We give every project individual attention for better result.

We have an experienced team of developers who take pride in developing challenging applications with utmost precision. The graphics team is very creative leading to an aesthetically appealing front-end for your user to interact with. Right from the application strategy building, application designing, API development to application deployment, we are with you at each step. We also offer to develop Minimum Viable Product application development for small to medium scale projects. The next step after deployment is support and maintenance of the application. We have a dedicated team who is involved in handling the maintenance of your software.

8 Steps Involved In Development Of A Robust Mobile Application

An idea

You have got lots of idea about what you want to get developed. The imagination has given rise to potential application candidates. Share the application ideas with us.

Brainstorming to conceptualization

We discuss, research and brainstorm about the possibilities of the idea conversion. Creating a concept which serves a purpose and fulfills the idea in first place. Market analysis is also carried it out for the concept to determine if it has an edge over the competitors application. The winner idea is chosen and further tested.

Checking feasibility

The resources required to develop the application should be present with us. The budget and proposal should appeal to both the parties. The wire-frames and rough design is created during this process. There is a possibility that the concept maybe totally changed conforming to the feasibility. The feasibility is checked and its time for the designing.


The user interface and user experience(UI/UX) should be such that, if a customer opens the application, they should spend time on it. Grabbing the attention through aesthetics is the first hurdle we overcome in this step. Designing a responsive, interactive and attractive UI/UX is our specialty. We create a visually appealing session for the application user. much time to load. One may loose a prospective user just because the website takes too long to load.


This is the stage where most of the work for the application development is done. The whole application is divided into smaller modules or units. Coding is done that leads to creating the functionality of the body created during conceptualization and designing. During this step we build a prototype for you. We wait for the feedback. As soon as you are satisfied, we go on with continuous development. This cycle of feedback and development is done till the whole application is developed.


It is the moment of truth where the application is tested for its functionality and design. Testing is performed to check for bugs and errors. The performance is analyzed. We make sure there is no scope of complaint from our client. Each module is checked separately as part of unit testing and then combined together for integration testing.


After we have tested the application, we let you run and check it. The delivery is completed after feedback is received and you confirm that you have a successfully working android application.

Support and Maintenance

As soon as the application is deployed at your end and we get an OK report, we start with our next step. We support you in the maintenance activities for the application. The edits and updates in features are incorporated as soon as a need arises. If you face any problem, we are a mail/call away. We believe in long-term association from which mutual benefit is shared.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us. Our experienced team of Mobile App Developers  will ensure smooth project completion with high promptness and a robust app.