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What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook. According to the creator of React JS, Jordan Walke, “React is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library for building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications.”

React was first used in Facebook Newsfeed and then on Instagram a year later.Ever since its launch, it has taken the front-end development space by storm. Also, in a survey by Stack Overflow , React JS was found to be the most loved framework for front-end development framework, while ASP.net ranked 5th and Angular ranked 9th on the same list.

5 Key Benefits Of React js For Front-End Development
5 Key Benefits Of React js For Front-End Development

In a report published by Builtwith there are more than 200,000 live websites using React. Even the industry giants like Apple, Netflix, Paypal, and many others have also already started using React JS in their software productions.

With so many companies including the top giants already using React, there must be some extraordinary benefits react must be offering? 

Well yes, React has got amazing benefits. 

So, what are these benefits?

Well, the features of React serves the purpose that most of the companies sought while using a framework for Front-end Development.

5 Key Benefits of react js for front-end development

Here is a list of key benefits that makes React an ideal choice for Front End Development.


The React basically allows developers to utilize individual parts of their application on both client-side and the server-side, which ultimately boosts the speed of the development process.

In simple terms, different developers can write individual parts and all changes made won’t cause the logic of the application.


Compared to other frontend frameworks, the React code is easier to maintain and is flexible due to its modular structure. This flexibility, in turn, saves huge amount of time and cost to businesses.


React JS was designed to provide high performance in mind. The core of the framework offers a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which makes complex apps run extremely fast.


Deploying React is fairly easy to accomplish if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript.

In fact, an expert JavaScript developer can easily learn all ins and outs of the React framework in a matter of a day or two.

Mobile app development

If you thought React is for web development only, you could not be more wrong! Facebook has already upgraded the framework for developing mobile native applications for both Android & iOS platforms.

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React js has got some amazing features making it one the most popular framework in the present eco-system of front-end developmen

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