Types Of Mobile Applications As Their Development Process.

With the increasing popularity and availability of smartphones, the market of mobile apps has seen tremendous growth. Mobile App development simply means developing apps for smartphones like Android, iOS and Windows. Getting a mobile app for business is now a prominent way to connect with customers. 

Types of Mobile Applications as their development process:

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Web Apps

Skills required

Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK, Java, Kotlin, ADT, .NET(C#)HTML, CSS, Javascript, Cordova/PhoneGap, Cross platform Mobile Development FrameworksHTML, CSS, Javascript, JS frameworks


Apple iTunes, Google Play store, Windows App store, Amazon App Store

Apple iTunes, Google Play store, Windows App store, Amazon App Store


Development Effort

More as compared to Hybrid and web Apps




Good in PC’s and Average in mobile browser

Good for

Games or consumer-focused apps where performance, graphics and overall user experience are more important

Apps that do not have high-performance requirements, but need full device access

Apps that do not have high-performance requirements, and do not need push notifications or access to device hardware/functionality

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