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Flutter technology is based on Google’s Dart programming technology with Portable User Interface Toolkit. Flutter is a different way to build native mobile apps that break away from the “cookie-cutter” apps that were so much common. Like React Native, Flutter also provides reactive-style views. Flutter app development technology is robust and reactive with widgets and tools that enable the development and deployment of UI with animations and a single code that works for different platforms. 

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Why Flutter For App Development

Using a compiled programming language, Flutter can avoid the performance problems that are caused by the need for a JavaScript bridge. The layered architecture of Flutter results in high-speed rendering and expressive along with flexible designs. Flutter can be rightly observed in applications that make use of the Geo-location, network, camera, storage, and 3rd party SDKs.

According to the Flutter’s Official Website: “Flutter is Google’s mobile application SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.” You should opt for Flutter app development due to the following reasons:

Single Coding Based

Using Flutter architecture, developers don't have to duplicate codes for different platforms. Flutter allows only a single code for both Android and iOS.

Smooth Experience

The modern technology of Flutter enables the developers to build a faster and fluent experience for end-users.

Creation of Widgets

The layered architecture of Flutter allows developers to design new widgets. The vast library of widgets in the Flutter provides the ability to customize a widget rapidly.

High-Speed Development

Flutter is easy to speed up the app development process due to its hot reload time and native performance. Flutter application can deliver a stable 60fps output on most devices and an incredible 120fps frame rate on devices that support high refresh rates. Many developers have noticed that the performance of Flutter is significantly improved if we compare it to other cross-platform frameworks, which is a driver of the rapid and widespread adoption of this technology by mobile app developers.Flutter can deliver the mesmerizing user interface of the app in record time.

Impressive time to market

The code of Flutter can be reused everywhere. Code reuse is convenient, efficient and faster. With Flutter, you can develop, deploy, and render changes from one single platform in half the time.

Services offered by Flutter App Development Company

  • Flutter iOS App Development
  • Flutter Android App Development
  • Dart Application Development
  • Flutter Chat Application Development
  • Flutter QA and Testing Solutions

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