5 Reasons Your Website Needs A Bot Protection Software

‘Bot’, you might have come across this word very often in the last few years. Not just in IT companies, Bots are now widely used in politics, social media (Instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube), and while discussing website traffic. Bots are generally classified into two categories: Bad Bots & Good Bots. Good Bots includes Google Crawler while Bad Bots possess threats to the website. 

For many online businesses especially B2C, their website is the most prominent medium to communicate with the client and generate revenue. For others like E-commerce, listing portals and auction websites, a website is the business model in itself. Bots attack on these websites will lead to great business loss. 

These bots are always looking to infiltrate into the website, harm your website and steal important data. So you need to safeguard your website with the Best Bot Protection software

Here is a list of 5 specific damages, Bad bots can do to your website:

  1. Content Scraping –  Content Scraping is the most successful technique Bot perform to lower your Search Engine Ranking. Bots continuously run through your website to scrape content. Your unique content is then re-posted elsewhere without giving you any credit. Your unique content now reflects as duplicate content on your website. This lowers your keywords ranking in SERP.
  2. Fake Traffic- Site Metrics analysis is very important to understand the effectiveness of any Marketing Strategy and helps to develop further Marketing Strategies. According to a report, Bots accounts for 43% of total traffic on the Internet. This creates an obstacle in understanding user interest. For eg, on an E-Commerce site, if you want to analyze, which product is most popular among users, what size is in more demand. Which product user added in the shopping cart and other important details. With fake bot traffic, it would be impossible to figure out the correct 
  3. Increase Page Load Time – Bots creates an unnecessary burden on your server, every time when they visit your website, check your data and download it. This results in a delay in the time the website takes to load. This causes hurdles on the user end and the user leaves the website. This also increases your bounce rate. Slow down of page load time leads to loss of sales & customer retention.
  4. Ad Click Fraud – What if the major clicks on your PPC campaigns are from Bots and not from potential customers. This will cost your business a lot of money with zero results. Basically, your competitors use the Bots that find your ads and click on them repeatedly. The clicks on the AD exhaust your budget without any profit. The bots also alter the stats and click-through rate.
  5. Hacking attempts – Bots continuously attempts to steal confidential data from your website. This includes the user’s personal details, your Website login credentials. They continuously look for different ways to harm & hack your website.

Best Bot Protection Software To Protect Your Website

There are a number of Bot Protection Softwares available in the market. But only a few Bot Security software effectively protects your website against the bad Bots. The majority of them can be bypassed very easily.

We have developed an Advanced Bot Protection Software that features the most secured services against all Bots including the AI Bots. Some of the major features of our Bot Security Software are Dynamic Script, Fully Obfuscated Javascript code, Comprehensive Browser Fingerprinting, 5 Captcha Solution, Global Database of IPs.

Our Bot Security is Easy For Humans, Hard For Bots

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