8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

Python Web Development or PHP Web Development

Programming languages are an essential part of the virtual world we have created presently. Every other day there is some of the other languages that boast of being better than the rest of the previous languages for development. Today however we focus on two of the languages that are already present for quite some time now, Python and PHP.

Python is a high-level programming language designed by Guido van Rossum. Its initial release took place in 1991. It is used in the development of desktop and web applications. PHP, on the other hand, is a general-purpose programming language designed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. It is used for the development of websites, both static & dynamic and web applications.

Following are the reasons why developers choose Python over PHP

8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

  • Simplicity: Python has a user-friendly and simple syntax structure which makes it a good choice for a developer. The time spent in learning a language is very crucial and is the deciding factor as to whether it should be pursued or not. PHP, on the other hand, is a bit difficult than Python to write, therefore requiring more time and effort on the behalf of a learner and developer alike to learn.
  • Popularity: As discussed in the first point Python is easy and simple to learn which automatically makes it more popular than PHP. Python is also capable of supporting artificial intelligence(AI) and  Python for machine learning (ML) giving it another boost for its popularity.

8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

  • Community support: The people who follow, like and use the programming languages tend to form the community of that language. The support from the Python community is much higher than that of PHP. This has an added advantage in a way that the problems faced can be solved by many people and multiple upgrades can be witnessed.
  • Readable: When a developer uses Python for coding, they have to stick with a mandatory systematic presentation of the code which makes it easy to read and debug. In PHP, the code can turn a bit complex if the developer doesn’t make a conscious choice to write properly.

8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

  • Framework: When a set of priorly written programs are clubbed together for ease of building the application, they are known as a framework. The developer uses the framework in his or her application development. The frameworks offered by Python are much higher ranking in ease and fame than the ones used by PHP.
  • Package management: PIP is the package manager used by Python which helps to manage different libraries making the application developed simple and quick. The package management employed by PHP language isn’t as good and mature as Python’s. It has a long way to go before it becomes as good as Python.
  • Library support: In continuation to the point raised above, it becomes quite clear that the library support of Python is very well-developed. Because of the library support, all kinds of applications can be developed even the upcoming and trending AI and ML. PHP is not at par with Python for the library support using Packagist.

8 Reasons Why Developers Chooses Python Over PHP

  • Debugging tool: Whenever a code is written, there are bound to be some errors and bugs in it that need fixing. So, it becomes important that the programming language provides a well-built debugging tool that helps the developer find the errors and bugs without any hassle. It requires less debugging tools than PHP. PHP uses XDebug as its debugging tool for removing errors.

Python or PHP For Your Web Development Project

Python and PHP both have got their own advantages. It’s not about PHP or Python but more about the framework that will suit your requirements.  But yes, Python is seeing an upward trend and taking over PHP very rapidly.

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